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Wellness Premier League

Sharanya Team along with Herbal Life team on occassion of wellness premier league.

Doctor's Day celebration at Sharanya

Every year Doctor’s day is celebrated on the 1st of July. Today at Sharanya, we whole heartedly celebrated our doctors and thanked them for their selfless work, dedication and hard work.

Life is Precious & Every Life is Important. We would like to thank our doctors at Sharanya who hand hold our patients through the most difficult times of their life.
We thank you for your kind participation and making this event a grand success.

Shri Zaki Hajee Bhoy Visit

Shri Zaki Hajee Bhoy(Bombay) visited Sharanya Care Center, Gajanur on our personal request on 6th November, 2014. He is the Chairman of Paper Packaging Pvt. Ltd, Shimoga. He consoled our end stage cancer patients and encouraged them with words of strength and courage.

He really appreciated our multiple initiatives and efforts on building an institution that offers refuge to people who are in need by providing them care and compassion in very hygienic and peaceful conditions. He was humbled by our cause and called it the most noble of all. The act of helping others is the greatest cause.

Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois Visit

Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois visited Sharanya Care Center on 22nd November, 2014. He interacted with our in house patients, heard their stories and gave them words of strength and courage. He visited the entire campus and all the gardens. He was extremely happy about the kind of services Sharanya was providing to people for leading their peaceful last days. He also helped us to construct the front office building by contributing financially to our care center. We have named the front office block after his name, “Rama Jois Office Block”.

He also helped release a ten lakh grant from the central government towards building and helping institutions like Sharanya.

We are extremely grateful to Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois, with the help of his valuable contribution, we are able to provide best in class facilities to people in need of compassion and care.

Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois was a member of Rajya Sabha, a former governor of Jharkhand and Bihar states, and a former Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. He is also a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India. Visited Sharanya Care Center.

Sri Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar

Sri Nagathihalli Chandrshekhar has been supporting Sharanya since the very beginning. Starting from the construction of the buildings to make the promotional video for Sharanya he has been more than humble to extend his valuable help. He gave his voice to Sharanya’s promotional video that advocated the importance of Palliative and Hospice care along with the care and service that sharanya offers to people suffering with chronic diseases.

After Sharanya buildings were built, he visited our premises. Walked through the entire campus and saw all the wards. He talked to our patients and extended his words of strength and willpower. He has been our supporter since the start and will continue to be our source of motivation for the years to come. Thank you for your support Sri Nagathihalli Chardrashekar sir, we will forever be grateful for your help and support.

Sri Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar is an Indian director, actor, screenwriter and a lyricist who predominantly works in Kannada Cinema.

Quarterly magazine "SHARANYA"

During the initial days of Sharanya inception tri monthly magazine was released to share the activities of DSL Trust and Sharanya among our trustees, MC members, donors and well wishers.

This magazine was having information on experience of initial days, health tips, small catching stories such that Sharanya’s service will be ever informed among all the people concerned.

Cultural Exchange Students of Arya Vysya visited Sharanya

Cultural Exchange Students of Arya Vysya from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh visited Sharanya Pain & Palliative Care Center on 23/06/2014.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has a students exchange program where students from a particular state visit multiple institutions of other states for a period of 2 weeks. During this time they focus on visiting multiple institutions from over three to four districts.

Students of Arya Vysya visited Sharanya on a tour hosted by Vasavi Vidyalaya, Shimoga. During this the students interacted with our in house patients and were part of our awareness program where we helped them realize the importance of palliative and hospice care for people suffering through chronic illnesses.

The students also visited gardens that we have developed on Sharanya land and held some interesting activities for the patients and the students.

Hon. Minister Shri K S Eshwarappa Visit

Shri K S Eshwarappa is a local MLA of Shimoga and the Rural Development Minister of Karnataka State. He has been our constant supporter since the very beginning. He conducts frequent visits to Sharanya’s premises to ensure that all the developmental activities are taking place on time. We will forever be grateful for your support, Shri K S Eshwarappa. Thank you for helping us build this wonderful abode, which feels like home and offers peace and comfort to people going through pain and suffering.
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Ayurvedic Garden

  • An Ayurvedic garden is developed at Sharanya provides by planting different medicinal plants of 250 varieties. these plants have already grown and become Trees. It is giving a healthy breeze which influences rich oxigenz one with medical values. The whole Sharanya care centre promises to be not only a building of patients’ wards but also filled with greenery plants and Trees. Natural greenery plants and Trees. A natural greenery environment is a un noticed treatment for a patient to recover from their severe condition.
  • The ayurvedic garden has more than 3000 ayurvedic herbs with powerful medical healing properties.

Visitor Feedback

Saura Mandala Vana

Nakshatra Vana, also called Nakshatravanam or Nakshatravan.. It is associated with the Sringeri Sharada Peetham monastery, and consists of 27 trees that are related to 27 Nakshatras of Indian Astrology.

There are 12 trees representing the 12 astrological signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each sign occupies 30° of celestial longitude and roughly corresponds to the star constellations and all these trees are planted in the same pattern.

The rest of the trees are planted according to the solar system with the sun in the center. All these trees have a certain influence on the planets and zodiac signs with multiple benefits.

The grove also includes over 120 medicinal plants found in the Western Ghats. At Sharanya, we have built a Nakshatra Vana to not only help conserve nature but also create a peaceful environment for our patients and staff within the Sharanya’s campus.

Chandrasuchetha Garden

The Inaugural ceremony of “CHANDRASUCHETHA GARDEN” took place on 8th October, 2021. The Ayurvedic garden was built in memory of the previous president of DSL TRUST, Shri A R Chandrshekhar Setty.

This is a small herbs and shrubs garden with powerful medical healing properties. If you sit in the forest with these medicines, the acu, a special power is created. This garden has great educational importance for the upcoming generation, as they can learn how to grow them and learn each and every plant’s medicinal importance. We have built a children’s park alongside, to engage our patients’ children who stay at Sharanya. We also have a bird gallery. Many plants are yet to be planted under proper weather conditions. Multiple coconut trees were planted around the Sharanya Campus to create a beautiful atmosphere.