SHARANYA renders its services to chronic and critically ill advanced patients of different disease like cancer, fully paralysed and neuro related problems.
As explained earlier more focus is given on patients care rather than CURE procedures. This is not a hospital, it is a care centre to facilitate palliative care procedure.
More attention is given to achieve the followings.

Patient Story

Girija taught us that cancer cannot surpass courage

Our patient Girija aged 56 years suffered from thyroid and bone cancer 6 years ago.
Initially, she was admitted to the Sai Baba Hospital in Manipal, where the doctors informed the family that her tumor has extensively invaded the surrounding structures, making it very difficult to remove the tumor.

The family members brought her to Sharanya. We provided her a wheel chair & a walker. She was motivated and wanted to make a turn to ‘Ashwatha Katte’. She achieved it by taking help of the walker and made it to ‘Ashwatha Katte’. After some days, she recovered well & walked independently.

Eight months later, she fell in her bathroom, since then she has been completely bed ridden, however her courage is still intact. Now her tumor is extended to Head & Throat resulting in problems swallowing. As she started suffering more, her family member made the call to Sharanya to transfer her to Palliative Care with our sisters. Now she is in care of Sharanya again.

Girijamma departed peacefully under Sharanya’s Care

Smt. Girijamma aged about 56 years suffered from thyaroid and bone cancer. When she undergone treatments at different hospitals at one stage doctor said that no further treatment is helpful. It is better to look after the patient carefully till her last days. She was unable to walk and lied on the bed as her bone has become very thin and may break at any moment of time.

During these days we were looking after the patients as home care service. The patient family member’s approached us to extend services. She had already suffered for 6 years facing different conditions.

Sharanya home care team made daily visits to patients house and monitored for medical care and regular prescription. Apart from the medical care a compassionate counseling and spiritual talk from Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashram Swamijee Poojya Sri Vinayananda Saraswathi visit made her more confident and courageous to accept her situation and live wish it. Along with she started gaining inner strength to sit, stand on her leg and ultimately fulfilled her ambition of putting pradakshina round to religious peepal tree in front of her house. This news has spread all around community and AIR people were prepared to interview her about her will power and courage.

This is a living example of one such patient on CARE BEYOND CURE providing compassionate care has a power of surpassing courage.


Rakesh aged 22 years suffered a Cardio vascular incident that led to a left side stroke and paralysis on his left portion of body. Rakesh was a painter before and left handicapped with incapacitated to work as his arm and legs became in operable. He came to know about Sharanya and got admitted. After proper investigations and checking from a physiotherapist Dr. Umesh, he will became normal under regular physiotherapy and neutritious food.

Accordingly Rakesh under went regular massage and physio exercises, and got recovered well functioning his arms and legs, with a duration of 3 months time he became normal and got back to his prievious work.

This is one such example of continuous care for patient will lead to give re birth. This is the power of palliative care with compassionate encoveragement to get back his strength.

There is an end to cure, but there is no end to care.

Our patient Mahesh from Shimoga, suffered from Oral cancer (ca mouth cancer). He had a surgery in Bangalore, where the doctors were able to surgically remove the cancer, however the cancer reemerged after 14 years. His native church in Shimoga heard about our services and asked us to look into Mahesh’s case.

Our medical officer, Dr. Tanaji visited Mahesh for inspection and found his condition to be very bad. We decided to offer palliative care to him from the Church premises itself.

Mahesh was under our care for a period of 6 months during which time our nursing team worked hard to provide the best possible care for him, changing his dressing twice daily and providing psychological support. Although the patient had difficulty with food due to his condition, he wished to have non-veg food, our team honored his wishes by preparing mutton especially for him during his final days. He passed away peacefully a couple of days after this.

Deepak is a prime example of how care and compassion changes lives

Deepak aged 46 used to live in the bus stand alone. He had no relatives and as such did not have anyone to look after him or take care of him. Our MD, Dr. Manjunath came to know about Deepak’s condition and decided to take care of Deepak at Sharanya and provide him with a new life. Our team at Sharanya went to the bus stand to bring Deepak to our center.

At the center, the team took care of Deepak by providing him with food, clothing and taking care of all his necessities while also ensuring that he had access to all the facilities he needed. We are happy to say that Deepak was quick to adjust to his new life and is currently working as a watchman at Saranya care center.

Salma fearlessly fought cancer

Our patient Salma Bano was 28 years old when she came under our care. She was suffering from stage 4 breast cancer and was in the final stages of her cancer when she chose to come to Sharanya Palliative care after taking discharge from her hospital in Manipal. Sharanya Palliative care provided her with all the help she required including dressing on both her breasts. She passed away two days after coming to our facility.

Bhavani Shankar

Patient Manu & his b'day Celebration

Rohit Pandith

Sri Rohit Pandith aged 21 years who is working at Bangalore in a Private Company and resident of Sampekatte Village Of Shimoga Dist. During his stay at Bangalore, one day he experienced a Seviar Stomach pain. As usual he showed it to a near by clinic. Looking at his young age doctor felt stomach pain may be due to gastric and gave medicines for gastric. It got subsided for time being, and again after one month he experienced same pain. He went other hospitals and examined but no such sigrifiant problem is detected, advised for medicines far one more month.

Again after two months later he expreiansed the same pain in the abdomen and vomiting. Then he became serias about the pain and came back to native place. By the time due to previous effects his food intake was reduced, and had become more tired and abnormal physique.

His parents felt it is something different and took him far further investigation and check up to Manipal. At that time the initial symptoms was continuous vomiting – coffee grand colour abdominal distension and look of aplatite etc. administered doctor sujjested that he is affected with abdominal cancer and spreaded to eusophages and it is at in curable stage. He may be refered to pain management dept. at this stage it is very difficult to dream and digest doctor words. The disease is progressed such that their sons treatment may not be successful.

After somedays of stay they came back to their native and started taking care of Rohith at their house but adverse effects of the disease was very worse and unable to handle the situation. Again they thought of going to manipal. But on the way to manipal they came to know about Sharanya and admitted their ward to care centre showed all the reports to our medical officer and started taking care of the patient primarly by controlling adverse effects. By two three days his sufferings and pain is controlled by administering opiods sujjested at manipal hospital.

Within a span of one week he became more comfortable and a wishing function was also celebrated at care centre. A compassionate care proper palliative medicine made an impression that his disease is cured. Rohith and his parents understood that there is an another world to consider remaining days to make move meaning full otherthan weeping and thinking of past.

He stayed at Sharanya for 15 days, but the stay made them less suffering pain free and compassionate days. At that time Rohit father had told that I would have made a mistake if stayed at my place Rohith is also suffering my wife also feeling continuously. This is eliminated and made this remaining last days will be more peacefull and comfortable.


Sharanya provides services to such patients at the patients helplessness situation also on the above situation the a patient and their family following case study is revealed as below.

A person by name Doddaiah a taxi driver resident of Sagar taluk Shimoga Dist Karnataka. He lived with his wife and no childrens. He is basically a native of Chickmagalore and his mother resided at her own house.The family was very happy and he was also more comfortable by looking after his family and mother. One day his wife Smt. Susheelamma was experiencing symptoms of stomach pain and its adverse effects. Then they shoved it to different hospital and confirmed it as CA ovary and it is in 3rd stage.

Smt. Susheelamma did not accept for surgery, thus the administered doctor sujjested for chemotherapy and additional cycle. She was little comfortable for a period of one year. After words she started getting sevior pain and other symptoms like fever un easiness etc. by this time the disease progressed to 4th stage and spreaded to other parts of the body. At this stage there was regular and repeated pains and suffering which cannot be monitored at home. During this time his mother stayed at chickmagalore became bed ridden and she also needed some one’s support to look after.

This situation to Sri Doddaiah to look after mother on one side and his wife on the other side became a helplessness situation. At this time he came to know about Sharanya and admitted his wife and his mother to look after them. Our team of palliative care provided all care as medical care, nursing care, psychological care and spiritual care and so on. In a span of two months her pains and sufferings were controlled, providing regular medication and food, compassionate services made them happy living to both of them.

This is one such example of Sharanya service at helplessness situation of a patient and their family.

Patient Photos