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Nirmala Thunga Abhiyana

Nirmala Thunga Abhiyana : Sharanya commitee participated in the move organised by enviornmentalist and public of Shimoga for saving Thunga River by polutions. It was a big procession and awareness campaighn to bring knowledge above how Thunga River is also becoming poluted for this great move D.S.L Trust (Sharanya) Participated and also provided morning breakfast at Sharanya care centre for a gathering of 600 participant.This is being carried on 21.01.2023.

Dr. Gururaj Karjagi Visit

Dr. Gururaj Karjagi the wellknown phylonthrapist and also an indivisual development tuter is visited sharanya care centre on Saturday the 26.11.2022 at 3.00pm. He went arround plant and gardens of the care centre and also counselled inpatients of the care centre and gave them a ray of hope for speedy recovery and peacefull ending. He addressed they gathering with his on examples of getting satisfaction by surving such patients. He appriciated the Sharanya service as godly service.

Dr. Veerendra Heggade of Sri Kshetra Dharmastala Visit

Dr. Veerendra Heggade of Sri Kshetra Dharmastalavisited Sharanya on wednesday the 21.06.2023 and Inagruated a pond which is reserved for constructing a meditation centre within the pond. He address to the gathering and appriciated the humanity work carried by Sharanya at large.

77th Independence day celebration

At 9.00AM Flag hoisting done by Sri Nagaraja, President of Mandal Panchayath Gajanur. National Anthem was sung after Flag hoisting and sweets distributed after the programme. Many of our committee member’s, Dr. Jagannath Dixith, Senior Surgeon of Oncology at H.C.G group of Hospital, Dr. Thanaji, Medical Officer, Patients and the attenders, invities were present on the occation.


A unique plantation park is developed in Sharanya Care Centre showing all 27 stars, 12 Rashi’s and 9 Grahas in one circular cosmic world. Each one is planted repective plants in the specified direction and angle of rotation. This park is named as LAKSHMI DEVINE PARK sponsored by LAKSHMI IMPLIMENTS OF SHORANUR.

SHARANYA is a care centre for advanced and terminally ill patients suffering from different disease like cancer, fully paralyzed and neuro related problems.


This pond is being inaugurated by Sri Sri DR. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala on Wednesday the 21.06.2023.

Sharanya is a pain and palliative care centre for advanced and terminal patients suffering from different chronic diseases.

In the whole care practice spiritual programme in also a part of palliative care. It is to surrender to almighty god and pray for pain free, comfortable days of remaining journey. In view of the above a well built, furnished meditation hall is to be constructed in the water pond, developed in front of the main block.

Distribution of medical kits @ Mc Gann Hospital shimoga on 20th Anniversary of Sharanya

On occasion of 20th anniversary of Sharanya Service and 77th independence day a kit for Patients ( Patients Kit ) at Mc Gann Hospital Shimoga is distributed to all Patients at Hospital