OUR Experience During Home Care Service
Counselling Programs and Inpatient Service
It has given me a wonderful experience during all three stages of patient care.
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Counselling Overview

Our counselling team consists of a counsellor / social worker, a special guest of the day and transportation arrangement, we use to go to a cancer hospital every Thursday arranging cultural speeches or yoga, pranayama classes, and spiritual programmes so that the patients who are undergoing treatment were patients assembled in one place, An interaction with patients and their family members gave them a new ray of hope on treatment very prominently stability to face the situation as it comes.
To Quote a small example once a speaker by the name Sri Shivaswamy who is well versed in Bhagavadgeetha asked to give an opportunity to deliver at least two parts of Geetha by Sanskrit shlokas. At the first sight, it is rejected stating that, suffering patients, how to put up their minds is hearing shlokas. But the reality is in the opposite sense, every patient and their attenders sat quietly, heard the shlokas and enjoyed the divinity at their places, surprisingly the guest told all the 18 parts of Geetha and converted the whole house from sorrow and suffering to divinity, this is the experience and power of counselling.

Counselling Part 2

2nd part of counselling is done at home care service, this service is done along with, A medical care team of doctors, nursing staff and a social worker, visiting patients home, who are suffering from chronic illness of cancer, patients of bed ridden paralytic, neuro problems. such patients are very much needed for palliative care rather than curative treatments, our team visits the patient’s house regularly, attending for all adverse effects of a disease, checkups, putting IV., Dressing of wounds cathedral, bedmaking, giving a bath, etc,
This pertains to medical care and brings the patient to a comfortable situation, reducing pain and suffering. When once the patient is feeling free then counselling is made to the patient and their family members in repeated sittings. An effort is made to understand the disease, its side effects its control and prepares to overcome the pain and suffering, educate for forthcoming incidence like vomiting, bleeding, wound broken, swelling, distress headache, body pain and so many other different types of uneasiness.

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Our Supportive Team

Our team was caring for a lung cancer patient who used to visit regularly and attend in all respect to keep the patient comfortable, the patient was a Muslim, and as the patient’s condition was stable family members decided to arrange the marriage of their two sons the next week. As usual, our team went and attended to the patient, his house was full of relatives and looking for the day of marriage. Suddenly his B/P was falling down and breathing also becoming less than saturation level, within a short time gap patient went un-conscious. At that moment the wedding house became like sorrow house and everyone started praying Quran to save at least one week to see his son’s marriage.
At that moment our team thought of providing emergency oxygen. It is arranged a from our office, everything is done within 15mts by gods grace, the patient started breathing and came back to normal within 5mts time, the converted sorrow house became again with a happy moment. On the day of the wedding, the patient introduced sharanya people saying that they have saved me to see my son’s marriage with tears in his eyes, This is the power of home care service with a compassionate journey.
The THIRD PHASE of our landmark is In-patient service, in-patient service with palliative care is the most challenging service of the patient care program, In this service, chronic and critical patients with advanced stages of the disease will be admitted. This service is rendered freely as a charity and No-amount is collected from the patient, one attendant is permitted to stay with the patient, and both of them are given free food and all facilities free of cost.

Doctor visits every day nursing care at all times round the clock, housekeeping, sanitation, cleanliness is maintained to keep the care centre more hygienic, Compassionate nursing staff, required food is served as per doctors advice, more plants and garden is developed to keep the care centre with rich oxygen zone.

A specific case history of our patient

A patient sharadamma got admitted to sharanya care centre with advanced-stage of lung cancer. At the time of admission, she was on the stretches and she was unable to walk around take food, less talk so the disease was not allowing her to go to sleep. They were from a middle-class family and she had worried about her husband, aged mother-in-law and life-threatening disease when they came to sharanya their fear of social issues was relieved and became tension free. This has made them very comfortable. suffering patient become normal, slowly she started taking food, standing, going to the bathroom and toilet on her own, coming outside in a wheelchair and so on.
She was very experienced to prepare flower garlands for to temple, and she started preparing them and putting them on all statues at sharanya, She became so healthy within a period days of 3 to 4 months and she forgot that she has cancer disease. With this dignified, quality of life comfortable and compassionate atmosphere of sharanya was able to keep the advanced patient for more than a year also. This is the power of sharanya in-patient service with compassionate, greenery garden atmosphere, medical care, social care, psychological care and spiritual care.
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Ayurvedic Garden

  • An Ayurvedic garden is developed at Sharanya provides by planting different medicinal plants of 250 varieties. these plants have already grown and become Trees. It is giving a healthy breeze which influences rich oxigenz one with medical values. The whole Sharanya care centre promises to be not only a building of patients’ wards but also filled with greenery plants and Trees. Natural greenery plants and Trees. A natural greenery environment is a un noticed treatment for a patient to recover from their severe condition.
  • The ayurvedic garden has more than 3000 ayurvedic herbs with powerful medical healing properties.

Visitor Feedback

Saura Mandala Vana

Nakshatra Vana, also called Nakshatravanam or Nakshatravan.. It is associated with the Sringeri Sharada Peetham monastery, and consists of 27 trees that are related to 27 Nakshatras of Indian Astrology.

There are 12 trees representing the 12 astrological signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each sign occupies 30° of celestial longitude and roughly corresponds to the star constellations and all these trees are planted in the same pattern.

The rest of the trees are planted according to the solar system with the sun in the center. All these trees have a certain influence on the planets and zodiac signs with multiple benefits.

The grove also includes over 120 medicinal plants found in the Western Ghats. At Sharanya, we have built a Nakshatra Vana to not only help conserve nature but also create a peaceful environment for our patients and staff within the Sharanya’s campus.

Chandrasuchetha Garden

The Inaugural ceremony of “CHANDRASUCHETHA GARDEN” took place on 8th October, 2021. The Ayurvedic garden was built in memory of the previous president of DSL TRUST, Shri A R Chandrshekhar Setty.

This is a small herbs and shrubs garden with powerful medical healing properties. If you sit in the forest with these medicines, the acu, a special power is created. This garden has great educational importance for the upcoming generation, as they can learn how to grow them and learn each and every plant’s medicinal importance. We have built a children’s park alongside, to engage our patients’ children who stay at Sharanya. We also have a bird gallery. Many plants are yet to be planted under proper weather conditions. Multiple coconut trees were planted around the Sharanya Campus to create a beautiful atmosphere.