Sharanya’s work taking care of patients is commendable

Sharanya's work taking care of patients is commendable

Shimoga.A.26: The District Collector said that the work of Sharanya Institute which is providing necessary facilities along with serving the patients suffering from health problems is commendable. R. Selvamani said. While participating in the inauguration ceremony of the renovated temple of Shri Mate Choudeswari and Shri Bhuteswara Gods organized by DSL Trust’s Sharanya Care Center at Gajanur Agrahara in Shivamogga taluk, he said that the Sharanya organization is giving a good message to the society by carrying out special work on a humanitarian basis.
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Nirmala Thunga Abhiyana 2

Nirmala Thunga Abhiyana

Nirmala Thunga Abhiyana

Nirmala Thunga Abhiyana : Sharanya commitee participated in the move organised by enviornmentalist and public of Shimoga for saving Thunga River by polutions. It was a big procession and awareness campaighn to bring knowledge above how Thunga River is also becoming poluted for this great move D.S.L Trust (Sharanya) Participated and also provided morning breakfast at Sharanya care centre for a gathering of 600 participant.This is being carried on 21.01.2023.