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Nudi Muttu Book Released by Shri S L Byrappa

Today we provide our palliative and hospice care services to people across Karnataka at our Sharanya Care Center. But back when we did not have patient ward facilities to deliver our services things were a little different. We had our team and a Ambulance that went to different districts and offered door to door medical services to people in need.

During that time, we noticed that patient showed signs of loneliness and needed mental health support to accept their chronic illnesses and personal situations. So we decided to print a book that was a congregation of nudi muttus from various granthas. The book was inaugurated by Chief Guest Shri. S L Byrappa. Post inauguration this book was distributed amongst all the houses where our patients resided. This book was read by our patients on a regular basis in order to attain certain degree of peace about what’s happening in their life and to take life as it comes.

Shri S L Byrappa is an Indian Novelist, Philosopher and Screen play writer who writes in Kannada and other languages. His work is popular in the state of Karnataka and he is widely regarded as one of modern India’s popular novelists. He also obtained Saraswathi Samman Award from Govt.of India.

Rotary International declared a Global Grant for Sharanya

Rotary International has declared a global grant to Sharanya Care Center via Rotary Club, Shimoga. This grant will help fulfill multiple necessities such as medical equipments, solar heaters, solar lightings, beds and multiple ward equipments for the care and support of of our patients and team.

We are grateful to the entire team of Rotary Club Shimoga. With your help and support, we were able to successfully receive this grant which will prove extremely helpful for Sharanya’s overall progress as a palliative and hospice care provider.

Dr Vijay Sankeshwar as guest of honour at the Namana Function.

Dr Vijay Sankeshwar, Chairman of VRL Logistics Ltd was invited as a chief guest at Sharanya Care Centre on the occasion of Namana Program.

He interacted with our in-house patients, heard their feelings and gave them words of strength and courage.

He visited the entire premises and the gardens. He was extremely happy about the kind of services Sharanya was providing to people who are leading their peaceful last days.

We were humbled by Dr Vijay’s presence and grateful for his services to the society.

Dr Vijay Sankeshwar Sir has helped us in a big way in the development of Sharanya Care Centre.

Thank you Dr Nirmala Bhoopalam for your contribution to Sharanya

During the initial years of Sharanya, Indo American Cancer Association headed by Dr Nirmala Bhoopalam showed us great support. She supported Sharanya at a fundamental level by bearing the salaries of our nursing and caretaking staff for three long years.

It helped Sharanya to sustain for three years and helped us to provide care and support to the people in need of palliative and hospice care.

We at Sharanya will be forever grateful for your selfless contribution towards a great cause.

Navodaya Students visited Sharanya Care Center

Students of Navodaya School visited Sharanya Care Center. We at Sharanya had a wonderful time hosting the students and staff. The students learned about the importance of palliative and hospice care and how much critically ill people in the final stages of their life needed it. The awareness session was given by the managing director of DSL Trust, Prof. D L Manjunath.

The students were then taken for a walk across the entire campus. They visited our gardens, learned about the medicinal plants and their importance. The students were very interested and fascinated about learning more about the medicinal plants.

The students then visited our patient wards, where they got a chance to interact with our patients, listen to their stories and understand how the patients did their day to day activities.

Overall it was a wonderful day, the students were interested and humble. Thank you Navodayans for visiting Sharanya Care Center.

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