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Shri Chakravarti Sulibele’s support to Sharanya since the inception days.

Shri Chakravarti Sulibele visited Sharanya in its initial days of service. When we had just started building and the wards, we were providing only home care services. We bought a van and extended our palliative and hospice care services for over 6 years. After that we shifted our focus towards building our own premises in our 10 acre land in Shimoga.

While building Sharanya, Chakravarti Sulibele helped us create awareness amongst the public about Sharanya Care Center and our services like Palliative and Hospice care and how it will help the people suffering from chronic illnesses.

We were fortunate to have him advocate our mission and his contribution acted like a bridge towards Sharanya’s development. We at Sharanya will forever be grateful for your help.

Chakravarty Sulibele is a writer who predominantly writes in the Kannada and Hindi languages. He is the founder of Yuva Brigade and Sodari Nivedita Pratishtana. He was born and brought up in Honnavar, Karnataka.

Smt Manasa Shivramkrishna

Smt Manasa Shivaramkrishna is a Sharanya counselor and wife of Dr Shivramkrishna who is a famous neurosurgeon at Shimoga. She has been our strong supporter since our early days and went to multiple households to educate the locals about palliative and hospice care.

She has also counseled a lot of patients till date and has been our biggest supporter throughout our journey till day. Smt Manasa is known for her valuable contribution towards music and culture for the people of Shimoga.

Team Prerana’s Visit to Sharanya

Team Prerana visited Sharanya Campus. They held multiple games at our premises, interacted with our patients and enjoyed their time at Sharanya’s premises. Our patients also felt that the program and games were relaxing and fun.
Team Prerana was also made aware about how important Palliative and Hospice care for the patient suffering from life threatening illnesses. They also had an overview throughout the campus and multiple gardens that have flourished through the years.
Thank you Team Prerna for your efforts to make our patients smile and fill Sharanya’s halls with fun and laughter.

Bhoomi Pujan of Critical Care Block at Sharanya Premises

The foundation stone for the critical care block was laid by our Honorary President Shri D H Shankarmurthy sir and Shri Gurumurthy sir, Chairman of MIDB, Govt. of Karnataka. The Bhumi Pujan was attended by all the DSL Trust members and the Sharanya Staff.

Sharanya is growing and everybody’s help and support will help us grow faster for the greater good. This will help us reach out to more people and offer best in class services to the terminally ill patients under our palliative and hospice care facilities.

Dr Mac Donaldo and Mrs Joen of Rotary Club West Spring Field Visited Sharanya care centre.

Dr Mac Donald and Mrs Joen visited Sharanya. They serve the international association for Hospice and Palliative care. They were very happy with the standards that we have maintained at the Sharanya premises and the kind of health care, that we provide to our patients suffering from chronic illness.
They interacted with our patients, understood their case histories and gave them words of compassion.

He also appreciated the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere, Sharanya provided to the patients and helps them to lead a peaceful life in their final days. They also loved our gardens and learnt about many plants which have great medicinal importance.

Thank you Dr Mac and Mrs Joen for gracing us at Sharanya.

Sharanya Social Work: Polio Vaccination Booth Setup in association with Rotary International

We at Sharanya associated with The Rotary International in their Polio Vaccination Drive. We alongside them set up a vaccination booth to enable polio vaccination drops to children ranging from the age of 2 months to 5 years. Sharanya believes in helping the community and it was a humble experience helping Rotary International successfully fulfill their annual Polio Vaccination Drive and reach every child in need.

Shri Mohan Alva’s Visit to Sharanya Care Center

Shri Mohan Alva visited Sharanya Care Center. He consoled our end stage cancer patients and encouraged them with words of strength and courage. He really appreciated our multiple initiatives and efforts on building an institution that offers refuge to people who need it the most and providing them care and compassion in very hygienic and peaceful conditions.

He was humbled by our cause and called it the most noble of all. The act of helping others is the greatest cause. Mohan Alva founded Alva’s Education Foundation and Alva’s Institute of Engineering & Technology to give students the opportunity to receive education in his hometown. Additionally, Dr. Mohan Alva has provided scholarships to students and donations to schools in need.

Amplify Sharanya’s Mission at SevaKumbha

During the SevaKumbha, multiple social service organisations came together to share and create awareness about their initiatives. The Yuva Brigade Samsthana and the Nivedita Pratishthan helped Sharanya have a meaningful and impactful voice at the event.

We at Sharanya got a chance to amplify awareness amongst the people about the Palliative and Hospice Care, how helpful the care is to people suffering or healing from a life limiting illness and talk about our journey, milestones and our future plans.

Sevakumbh also helped us to learn a lot about other organisations that do selfless work to help people and make this world a better place. Many organisations were felicitated for their good work and Chakravarti Sulibele was the chief guest at SevaKumbha, making the congregation all the more special.

Manipal Healthcare Centre offered Free Arogya Cards to all the Patients at Sharanya.

The Manipal Healthcare Centre in association with the Manipal Medical College offered free Arogya Card to all our in-house patients at Sharanya Care Centre. A program was arranged to felicitate the goodwill of Manipal Healthcare Centre. We were humbled by their gesture and the health card provision meant the world to our patients.